POLLINIS, like all non-profit associations, is managed in a completely disinterested way by a Board of Administrators whose members are all compulsorily volunteers. 

POLLINIS also relies on a small team of professionals specialized in internet campaigns, legislative and legal action and research. They ensure that people’s expectations lead to tangible changes, and ensure that their views are represented in public debate and in the media.

The association is based on a governance structure that regulates and facilitates its rapid development.

The Executive Officer

He directs the national office in France and has a wide margin of initiative and responsibility: launching campaigns and actions, recruiting volunteers and employees, allocation of resources, media relations and public authorities, etc.

The Management Board

The Management Board is not directly involved in the current responsibilities of the Executive Officer.

Its real power lies:

1 / In its ability to recruit, evaluate, determine compensation and possibly dismiss the Executive Officer. The Executive Officer is subject, in addition to his annual evaluation, to a re-election of his mandate every 5 years. This procedure requires the Board to seriously question the choice of the delegate at the end of each term.

2 / In the financial control over the association, which is manifested by the annual budget vote and the income statement, but also by waypoints carried out under the responsibility of the Executive Officer. The Management Board regularly monitors the status and justification of expenses incurred by the association and the state of resources collected.

3 / In the power to control and evaluate the functioning of the organization each meeting of the Management Board is the opportunity for members to question the choices made by the Executive Officer and ask for explanations.

Composition of the Board of Administrators

Clement Remy, President of the board

Jean-François Saada, Treasurer

Aurélia Ainscough, Member of the Board of Administrators