Pollinis has the following objectives:

  • mobilize citizens, scientists and experts interested in developing alternative systems for intensive dominant agricultural model, to find a balance between economy, nature, territories and the men and women who live there;
  • support an efficient, productive farm, capable of meeting the future food needs of a growing population, but also capable of permanently preserving the environment and biodiversity, and particularly of pollinators and other natural enemies that depend the quality and performance of its products;

  • promote a socially equitable agriculture where farmers are more independent vis-à-vis external purchases and European subsidies, and found a range of decision every day as their strategic long-term choice.

 To accomplish its purpose, the Association will conduct the following actions:

  • Lead, directly or through its partners, research and scientific studies needed to develop knowledge on agroecology and agronomic technical alternatives;
  • Promote the progress of agro-ecology and alternative agricultural models to farmers and the general public; improve the visibility of concrete experiences and work of agricultural research to reduce drastically the use of chemical inputs in agriculture;
  • Promote with elected officials and media proposals for pragmatic reforms developed from the work of experts;
  • Encourage, support and networking field initiatives to help their development, scaling, and optimizing the scope;
  • Educate and inform citizens about the malfunctioning of intensive dominant agricultural model, on environmental and financial consequences of his excesses, and trace their expectations with governments and the European institutions;
  • Conduct all actions to protect the interests of consumers, taxpayers and users in the field of agriculture, environment, health, food and environment.