Our values & Methods

Our values


Faced with the growing influence of industry lobbyists, instrumentalisation of science, and the submission of experts to private interests which aim to impose all sorts of products and decisions contrary to the public interest, we have no choice but to fight to enforce our preferences and collective choices.

Here at Pollinis, we believe that there is no other alternative for citizens rather than coming together to create new counter-powers and new information and research tools at their service: Yes, it is possible, with will and courage to bring the public and the public interest at the heart of public policy!


This independence is primarily political. Pollinis is not supported by any political party, government, community or professional organization and does not endorse any.

This political independence is based on a total financial independence.

Pollinis refuses any financial contributions from corporate, economic interest groups, unions or professional organizations, local authorities, governments or European institutions. Pollinis is funded solely by the generosity of thousands of citizens who participate in its actions and chose to support its approach and its development with a small donation.

This structural independence obviously guarantees our freedom of speech and action in all places and in all circumstances. 


Pollinis bases its positions on a rigorous analysis of the approached issues, based on the work of renowned scientists, independent technical expertise and of proven long-term field experiences. 

Pollinis mobilizes public opinion, builds power relations and forces policy makers to take a position on the issues raised by our actions.

Its campaigns and actions reflect the concerns and demands of hundreds of thousands of European citizens who see an urgent need for a paradigm shift in agriculture, to change the political rules and promote responsible behavior. 


Our methods 

Educate and inform citizens about the economic and environmental consequences of the prevailing intensive agricultural model, on environmental and financial consequences of his excesses, and trace back their expectations near the public authorities.

Conduct studies and scientific research for the development of knowledge on agroecology and agronomic technical alternatives, either directly or through its partners.

Valorize the progress of agroecology and alternative agricultural models to farmers and the general public, and improve the visibility of concrete experiences and work of agricultural research to dramatically reduce the use of chemical inputs in agriculture. 

Promote near elected officials and media proposals for pragmatic reforms developed from the work of experts. Pollinis ensures a permanent presence at the European institutions, to raise awareness among the elected officials and allow the enactment of legislation most in line as possible with our ideas and our work.

Encourage, support and networking field initiatives to help their development, demultiplication, and to maximize their reach.