Ladies and gentlemen,

As a concerned citizen anxious to preserve a sustainable environment for future generations, I refuse that pesticides should continue to be sprayed onto agricultural fields, endangering our entire ecosystem.

Though several studies have clearly underlined the nocive effects on bees by a variety of neurotoxic pesticides (the neonicotinoids) and though the French Ministry of Agriculture has banned one of those pesticides, the Cruiser OSR, from the market, the European Commission has still transmitted a new study to EFSA on the nocive effects of three products- Thiametoxam, Imidaclopride and Clothianidine.

However the experts of the committee in charge of this evaluation are in large majority also members of the very agrochemical firms manufacturing these products. This lack of plurality in the committees brings about the commercialization of products that are declared "innocuous" but will ruin entire colonies of honeybees and ultimately destroy our environment.

Ladies and gentlemen, please step in and stop the process of evaluation that has already begun. Those citizens who refuse to see our food source and that of our children sacrificed for the sake of a few big companies must be heard. Make sure that these bee-killing pesticides are truly banned.

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