Scientists condemn the bee-killer pesticides

Have you heard of the Taskforce on systemic pesticides?

This is a group of 53 scientists from around the world, leading in total secrecy a study of neonicotinoid pesticides suspected of decimating bees. Their conclusions are clear: these pesticides are not only highly toxic to bees and other pollinating insects, but they affect birds, aquatic fauna, mammals and perhaps even humans.

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Being widely used around the world, they contaminate the environment and endanger the future of agriculture. I invite you to watch this video of scientists which is very well done and sums up the findings of their research.

Our association welcomes the courageous work of these 53 scientists. This study is one more weapon in the fight against the agrochemical companies that are desperate to secure their billions of profits, and to convince European leaders to prohibit, for good, these pesticides which are harmful to pollinators, the Environment and the Food production for future generations.

To access the website of the Taskforce: